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Huawei Nova 4E 4GB+128GB 6.15" 24MP Triple +32MP Front Cameras Fingerprint Hisilicon Kirin 710 18W Fast Charging 3340mAh-Black Huawei Nova 4e       4/6G RAM 128G ROM 6.15 inch Smart Phone.Magic Full View Screen/Kirin710 Al Processor /32 MP Super   Wide Angle Shooting / HDR Pro Front Camera       24MP Rear Camera 1200 Super Wide Angle Al Three Cameras,Open the angle of view,double the field of   view,Capture the wonderful world for you     Stunning Display       See,do and create more with the all-new HUAWEI Nova 4e Dewdrop Display.Big,bold and beautiful,the   6.15"FHD display with a delicate Dewdrop notch is a gorgeous canvas for you to live your life in brilliant   colour.Plus,the screen has TUV Rheinland Eye Comfort Certification and is designed to be easier on the eyes    for a more comfortable viewing experience.     A Battery that Goes the Distance       Don't let your battery slow you down.With HUAWEI 9V2A Quick Charge,the powerful 3340mAh4 battery   charges faster and lasts longer-letting you get on with your fast-paced life.Watch videos,play games and   browse all day,nothing will stop you with the HUAWEI Nova 4e.     Beauty in Every Shot     Every face is different and unique.HUAWEI's AI-driven Selfie technology beautifies your self-portraits based    on your unique face shape and type.The technology maps the contours of your features and creates a   custom algorithm to ensure you always show your best side.   Your Smart Camera       Give your photos a boost with powerful AI scene recognition technology.The HUAWEI Nova 4e front camera   can identify more than 8 categories in real-time while the rear camera can recognise 22 different   categories.Settings like colour,lighting and contrast are automatically adjusted to produce dazzling photos.     Room For More       Available Memory:6GB+128GB.HUAWEI Nova 4e improved RAM and storage means there's more room for   the things you love.Enjoy greater flexibility with space for the content or files you use everyday like   music,photos,videos and app3.   Level up Your Gaming       Ready.Set.Play.The revolutionary graphic processing technology powered by GPU TURBO2.0,enhances   performance for a faster,smoother and more powerful gaming experience.It's a mobile game-changer5.       Sleek Design       Stylish and streamlined;the HUAWEI Nova 4e fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.The slim 3D curved   glass design is crafted for easy grip and one-handed use.It's available in three colours,including an eye-   catching iridescent gradient colour finish.

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    10 times
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    2020-07-01 00:08:01

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