Sony 32-Inch LED TV HD Ready (BRAVIA) + Free Wall Bracket Enhanced ImageryThe Sony  80cm (32 inches) LED TV is designed to let you transcend reality and get amazed with realistic pictures with the Clear Resolution Enhancer. It lets you enjoy fine details and textures, even in flat picture areas. It up-scales low resolution images without adding more picture noise. The images come out clearer and more detailed with enhanced contrast and depth.Innovative Motion TechnologyThis TV comes with Motionflow XR. This innovative technology lets you enjoy smooth and sharp details even in fast-moving sequences. It creates and inserts extra frames between the ones and compares key visual factors on successive frames. It then calculates the split second of missing action in the sequences to provide the complete picture.Amazing Sound DeliveryThis television comes with a powerful computer model to analyse and compensate for inaccuracies in the speaker response. The speaker frequency is sampled and fed back to cancel out any peaks or dips in the speaker’s natural response. This results in pure, natural audio with smooth, even reproduction of all frequencies.Connectivity SimplifiedYou can play all your favourite digital content from any USB stick by connecting it to this television. The multi-format USB play allows you to play your music, video clips and view your photo collections on this TV. It comes with a wide range of codecs which let you experience ultimate format versatility.Advanced ProtectionThis TV features advanced protection shields that keep it protected against various factors. This shield protects your TV against electrical surges and a primary capacitor protects against unstable electricity. An anti-humidity coating on the circuit board prevents short-circuits caused by high moistur

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