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Toshiba 32inch HD LED / TV High Definition PictureMore clarity, more detail, more amazing. Experience the exquisite detail, contrast, and texture. Everything you watch is cleaned and refined to ensure minimum noise and maximum impact.178 Degrees Wide Viewing AngleFeaturing a 178 degrees wide viewing angle, no one gets left behind when watching your favorite movies or shows. Be in an awkward position against the TV and still be able to completely see what's happening without missing a detail.Play Content Directly form USBNo messier multi-media players, discs and other video playing paraphernalia. This Toshiba LED TV allows you to play movies directly from a USB flash drive or an external hard disk drive. You just have to acquire a digital copy of your favorite movies or videos, save it on your flash disk and plug it into the TV to enjoy your movie in HD format.Clearer, More Natural SoundThis innovative audio technology significantly increases the comprehensibility of the voice, whether spoken or sung. It ensures you hear every word, so you can enjoy what you're watching to the fullest.HDMI Input For Integrated ConnectivityAvoid cable clutter with a single cable to carry both picture and audio signals from your devices to your TV. HDMI uses uncompressed signals, ensuring the highest quality from source to screen.

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    Arlo ()
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    38 times
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    2021-03-16 17:46:01

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100000782 Calculating Detail
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