TCL TCL DIGITAL FULL HD LED TV Enjoy a viewing experience that is 2x the clarity of standard HD TVs. Crisper pictures sharper images on the full HD D2900 series screen Smart Volume Experience TCL TVs Smart Volume feature automatically adjusts programming volume thus eliminating sudden sound fluctuations typically experienced when switching channels or when TV commercials air. As a DIGITAL TV, it has the ability to connect to free to air channels which is an edge over so many other televisions that are analog.USB PVR gives feature for recording of free to air channels or programs on any external portable device like external hard disk and watch later.

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Carrieann (105.117.***.168 IP:105.****.168)

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Liah (105.116.***.66 IP:105.****.66)

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Kittie (196.222.***.243 IP:196.****.243)

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Kipton (41.58.***.184 IP:41.****.184)

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Ruger (197.210.***.46 IP:197.****.46)

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Lynwood (102.91.***.69 IP:102.****.69)

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Damian (154.113.***.143 IP:154.****.143)

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Magdalena (197.210.***.214 IP:197.****.214)

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Debera (196.222.***.180 IP:196.****.180)

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Tristian (41.58.***.252 IP:41.****.252)

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Patrica (160.152.***.224 IP:160.****.224)

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Turner (102.90.***.190 IP:102.****.190)

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